Mini ixaM

Projecting a cage mini and see-thru maxi that's been hibernating for months. The layering is a perfect
minimalist look I adore. Movement and transparency equals to total beauty. Been leaning towards
light garments due to unbearable hot spell.

I'm wearing a thrifted 40PHP mini cage dress and a 50PHP maxi see-thru dress (under). Will wear this
again with Bally sneakers. Other thrift finds and breathtaking backgrounds will appear soon.



Some forgotten experimental photos from last summer. I know it's kinda late in the evening but still
I want to wish you and your pair overflowing of happiness on this day. Happy Heart's Day everyone!


It Socks

Lounging in an empty café, wearing little girls frilly socks. Life's too short to look like everyone else,
so I dip kooky pieces in everyday outfits. And, it really sucks that my latest thrifted finds are still in the
process of dry cleaning. Swear, next post it is.

Thrifted body lace, cut-off denims, H&M bow headband, assorted bracelets, Lego watch,
SM kids section socks, LV bag, Bally shoes

Once again, thank you to Malaysia's TiC!

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