photo 0dc18a1c-af40-49fa-9163-a271988ed374_zps0036efda.jpg
 photo cb36161b-1c07-4cb2-bfe6-290d8c4f33e9_zps40aaa2a4.jpg

Speeding with White Pass and Yukon Route, Skagway Alaska. This impossible railway is an International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. WP&YR is Alaska's most popular shore excursion, climbs to almost 3000 feet and the steel cantilever bridge was the tallest of its kind in the world! I was super lucky to have seen the beautiful scenery of White Pass Route. Climbing up the mountains, entering tunnels, crossing bridges and freezing outside while taking photos was another unforgettable experience!

 photo 2eb33830-321f-4fdf-96c7-bb8e9a6ece0d_zps1c400d4c.jpg
 photo 9640e395-e4bb-4074-8140-ce6a200887fc_zps77260ea8.jpg
 photo 60202b26-0539-4d13-95c7-a93a6ebd02d1_zps5d55501d.jpg
 photo 7d7f223c-173b-41b4-96c2-2957adc74105_zpsa5fb06e5.jpg
 photo 5f9f7cac-a5ce-4c62-bd39-6c284bbcf684_zps96b775a3.jpg
 photo 5c815efc-73a6-48b0-90ab-ef2d52ddbfd2_zps82b5d1b9.jpg
 photo 8e13cc56-4985-4776-876e-e2332f7c002c_zps8e563ca8.jpg
 photo 8e781116-1249-444a-a41e-ced85cf7bff5_zpsa976bd87.jpg
 photo 085dc0d9-e638-4574-9489-bc6e7d1abb08_zps9b57c8c0.jpg
 photo e2187046-c0c5-48a9-b024-6350c530eb60_zps924664e8.jpg
 photo afa37493-f465-44f6-89b0-e17cdddf7252_zps8ae48746.jpg
 photo daf22057-84b7-40a9-ac69-8ef0cb7e048b_zps50b9cb49.jpg
 photo 2bf6765e-0a7c-45a8-9202-6345a7b53387_zps664704f2.jpg
 photo e0043360-123a-4b7c-84fe-ec818facb8ff_zps21c192bc.jpg
 photo 81cce1ba-eb31-4554-9d3c-71db140f89b1_zpscc59886b.jpg

Wearing Mango coat, Burberry coat, mom's vintage leather skirt (under), Cotton On sunglasses, Chanel backpack. That white coat was my all time fave during my Alaska tour, hehe. You know, I really wish to go back here during Winter. I want to see the landscapes all covered with snow! I bet White Pass Route scenery on Winter is 100,000 times beautiful!!! Again, I'm sorry for the super late posting of my US trips, hehe. Have a great week!


Mrs. Prieto

Surprise! Yes, I'm back and I'm married! My boyfriend of thirteen years and I had our civil wedding last month, February 22. We decided to have our civil wedding on the very same date of our church wedding (2.22.14) next year. Our civil wedding was very intimate, celebrated only with our dearest family. Imagine a place decorated with white balloons, white candles and white flowers. It was the perfect simple and quirky civil wedding I've always wanted. It definitely defines our style!

 photo 1_zpsc6fa12dc.jpg
 photo 2_zps8505c5b9.jpg
 photo 5_zps3547c917.jpg
 photo 8_zpsdb6e6b56.jpg
 photo 3_zps676c594d.jpg
 photo 7_zpsb826caa7.jpg
 photo 4_zpsc08b5277.jpgI love our gold wedding rings from Miladay. It matches my gold engagement ring (Miladay also) with a perfect round diamond only. Very classy and timeless when worn together, so beautiful! By the way, these photos were taken by my sister, Vianca Soleil. She designed the civil wedding, from picking my modern cabbage flower, to choosing color schemes and everything. I'm really thankful for having a very supportive family. And most importantly, for having a loving, caring and understanding husband, John Carlos Prieto. I feel so happy and blessed every single day! So now that our simple x quirky civil wedding is done, victorian x modern church wedding, NEXT!!!



Embracing simplicity. Embracing life's simple pleasures. Happy new year, happy new me!