Hello Mademoiselle

Been playing this Hotel Costes' song for the millionth time. Hotel Costes is a famous hotel in Paris that
released its own compilation lounge music CD's. Fave part at 0:26. Now, excuse me while I play it again
and see my resemblance to this semi-cartoon guy minus the bow and browns. See my funny drawing.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And I really like how my nude color ensemble coincidentally blend into the surroundings of Dubai.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Blending in a thrifted lace top, Mango white rolled up shorts, old hat,
LV bag, Versace shades, assorted necklaces


betz said...

you really blended in. the place is amazing. i love how you mixed your necklace. so pretty. you look fantastic as always!


Protege said...

These pictures are amazing, they have a fashion magazine quality to them. You look gorgeous. And I love your drawing.;)

stilettostetico said...

The cocktail majestuous frames / sparkling presence always sounds as such a delightful "Noelle Chantal-esque" equation !!! AND this chromatic harmony thrifted lace top/white lingerie finery is as subtle as sensual.
ps: Hope you're Well Dear.

à Bientôt, Antoine

Leah said...

Hi Noelle! You are hilarious... I see a resemblance.

Love that nude lace top and all the necklaces. Fabulous!

I'm following you now. Hugs!

janettaylor said...

Great sanda, my dear!


Mads said...

you have the nicest background!=) love your thrifted lace top.. Glad you're posting more often..=)


Marla Singer said...

such a beautiful top <3

Allegra said...

sounds absolutely great!

marian said...

these are wonderful honey

Cookie said...

beautiful place!

Talia said...

gorgeous lace top! I love it. And the shoes seem really nice.

Jing said...

beautiful as always!!!i love the necklaces!!!

Kimmy said...

i love the song, Noelle! haha yes i see your resemblance to the cartoon guy on the song. you are hilarious!

you always get the best backgrounds. Dubai looks amazing and you blended in very well with all beige. love the layered necklaces!

michelle_ said...

that lace top is gorgeous !
am loving all that jewelry around the neck !
the place u visit in Dubai is stunning ! i've always wanted to travel to the middle east :D

wanna exchange links ?
i've put you up :D

i loved this post dear . keep posting' up good stuffx .

thx for droppin' by and commenting .
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gListeRs & bListeRs
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cherie said...

if i'd go there i'd also blend too as most of my clothes are in that color. I love your shoes. and oh, wonderful photos as always :)

Cheryl said...

Lovely necklaces on lace combination. As usual you pulled it off with style and flair even with a nude background.

That drawing cracked me up. lol! Funny sketch! :)

jessica said...

WOW; the first photo of you ..
im speechless.
it's awesome.

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Great photos! They could be put in a fashion magazine. I love the outfit looks great with the background. You look BEAUTIFUL as always. =)

xoxo, Shelly

mom & son said...

haha..you're so funny. i love your great sense of humor. you always have beautiful photos! did u go back to dubai again?

p.s i just added you to my blogroll again. i was changing my layout then all the links got lost. can you please add me to yours too? thanks!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Love the lace top and those shoes. Really great outfit.

Raquel said...

adore that outfit! i'm really into nude right now!

Andie said...

beautiful photos! love the floral lace top, really blends in with the place, teehee


Winnie said...

Your Dubai pictures are really quite beautiful!

Dane said...

You look gorgeous - are you back in Dubai? Your photos are always seriously breathtaking.

Im hosting a giveaway on my blog!


The Owl's Closet said...

these pics are gorgeous! i love ur cartoon lol! u're too cute:) thanks again for dropping by my blog:D


MOLLYKT said...

it looks beautiful!

agnes said...

it's a lovely dress:)

I wish you a very happy christmas my dear!

open the following link for the christmas card :)


Take Care!
agnes xx

Maha M said...

i love love love your lace top..you look great. and you do blend in! this is Bastakia square right? such a great place.

Meho xx

cameraholic said...

Hi Noelle,
Happy Holidays to you too.
I love your pictures, I must say I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your outfit posts. =)r accessories and great top!
Looking forward of seeing more of your posts!!


cameraholic said...

I love what you did with your eyes (the eyeliner) in your previous posts too. You look very young. like college girl maybe?


thesydneygirl said...

adore the nude themee!!!!