Good Luck Tiger

2009 was a bit of a blurry roller coaster ride for me. I believe this new year will be a great one.
Cross fingers. For now, I leave you these not-so-happy photos and let them speak for themselves.

See my Dubai photos.

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Still feeling icky to be posting a not-so-jolly blog. I know, I should be a merry Noelle. Promise,
you'll see her on the next post. New year always puts me in the mood to contemplate. Wish me luck.

Good luck, Tiger! Have a prosperous New Year!

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Leah said...

Awesome black and white... you know I absolutely love b/w shots.

Happy New Year Noelle.

Raquel said...

great photos, great dress!
happy new year noelle!

stilettostetico said...

AND the last One perspective Truly sounds as such a GLAMorous "Merry Noelle" foreshadowing Dear . . .
ps: I WARMLY wish you "une Bonne Année 2010" Chère Noelle !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Cheryl said...

Those photos spoke volumes. I know what you mean and AMEN to that.

May your 2010 be filled with lots of laughter, success,peace and lots of luck! :)

Have a prosperous New Year,Noelle!

PS: Love your black, lacy number. ;)

Sabine said...

2010 will be better! Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Sabine x

Anonymous said...

I feel like this new year will be a great one too !! I'm crossing my finger for this one to be the best one ever :)

Rebecca Rose said...

hey those photos are gorgeous. Happy new year sweetie.

Mom Daughter Style said...

Great pictures. Happy New Year. That lace back looks sexy

Pls check out my new blog.


The Owl's Closet said...

happy new year to u, noelle!:) that's a fab dress:D hope u had a wonderful new year's eve. wish u all the best in 2010!!:D


Kate said...

Great pictures!! xx

cherie said...

I wish you a great 2010 Noelle! Very lovely dress that you have

lorenabr said...

have a fab 2010 and by tthe way great pictures and love the top

Sher said...

Love the b&h shots!! And the last shot of the back of your lacy dress is simply amazing!!

Happy new year to you:)


Anonymous said...
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Gizelle said...

amazing details at the back! you're totally rockin' the lace!

and ey, i'm sorry if i didn't get to place ur link when i said so...i was editing my links and tried to segregate the fabulous P.I. locals... but anyway, you're link is already there! that's what matters! :D

hope u have great 2010!


marian said...

that gorge dress is fantastic on you,gorge photos.
darling happy 2010,hope you had an amazing new years eve hun. I went party hopping and all the images of outfit from that night are up on my site in the style diary section.
happy new year darling

E said...

Omigod those photos are so stunning and that dress reminds me of one I was idolizing from the runway not too long ago...

Jen said...

Happy New Year Noelle! Cant wait to see what lovely images you bring us in 2010!

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Happy New Year! I can't wait to read your blog this coming year and see all the wonderul photos you decide to post!

I hope you had a good holiday. =)

xoxo, Shelly

Protege said...

Happy 2010 to you dearest Noelle,

Marcella said...

Gorgeous Chantal, I hope you found some memorable ups among the downs. Wishing you a fresh and amazing new start to 2010! Thank you so much for your lovely comments this year :)

Much love xx Marcella

mom & son said...

hi noelle.
happy new year and wish you all the best
this year.

love that lace dress and i'm always an number
one fan of b&w.

Emily said...

Wishing you the happiest of new years, Noelle!

Beautiful set of black and white photographs. I especially like the fish and stingray aquarium shot.

Talia said...

amazing back of the dress.

churfera said...

I LOVE the second picture!!!!! and of vourse, I ADORE your dress! Happy New Year!

Carlotta said...

amazing!!! Happy New Year :)))

(I'm having a giveaway check it!)

Anonymous said...

Amazing b&w shots! I love the back of your dress.

Best wishes for a fab 2010!

xo, Becs

Julie said...

Best wishes for 2010 !
your picts are really beautiful ! really good job !

toxic disco boy said...

great photos! and that's a really lovely dress you have on. ^^

MOLLYKT said...

it looks like you had a beautiful time- loving the dress!

yves said...

Hi Noelle! It's been an epoch since I've updated. Been really very busy starting my retail business here in Cebu, online selling & promotion still though.

Raf Simons, yes, never fails to be radically original! N-E-W is him.

Thanks for dropping by! have a happy new year!

LACE for summer! chic choice

Iva said...

I love b&w shots!! Happy 2010!!

michelle_ said...

beautiful lace back !

marvelous blog post !
keep me updated with ur new posts :D id love to check 'em out !

thanks for taking the time to comment and visit my blog .
visit / comment / follow me back at..
* GLISTERS and blisters *

(always)alanna said...

i actually just really enjoyed the somber tone of these black and white shots- great
and love the lace
and fabulous blogg; will definitely be back visiting soon!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous dress!
i love ur b/w photos :)


raita 2 said...

cool black and white pictures ! and th back of that dress is amazing =)


Christine said...

awesome photos and i really love the lace! :)

elena-lu said...

this is my year (im a tiger!)

Eden said...

hi noelle love! glad to be back on your site. have been away from blogging, but i have been back from a really long hiatus. hope you could pop in, and hope you have a fab 2010. i know 2009 was great for you:)

ps. hope you could add my blog to your roll!

<3 ya

BJ Pascual said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Happy new year to you, too! That's a hot dress :)

evita nuh said...

those are super beautiful picture! in love with it :D

Kristin said...

Wow, those photos are incredible! And I love that dress.