Leg to Lego

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Some testing shots by the boyf.

Wearing tanga swimsuit, cut-off vintage denims, DIY heels, mom's vintage wood necklaces, Lego watch

Introducing his new sick camera. I'm jealous. And lucky!
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izzy said...

waah I want a "studio" set-up too! does your lego watch come in a men's size? and where did you get it? :)

Carlotta said...

awesome post!!! love the watch it's so fun & pretty :)

Cheryl said...

Love that yellow necklace! You're lucky coz you're going to have a willing photographer with a state of the art camera. :)

Btw, I've just given you a lovely blog award. Please visit my blog for the details. Ciao!


elena-lu said...

dude man i just wow ok i im speechless!

Kimmy said...

Great pictures and postures, Noelle! You have a mile long legs and cool DIY shoes. Your Lego watch is the modern interpretation of those vintage necklaces. Great mix of the old and new here.

The boyf's camera is wicked.


cherie said...

what fun pics! you look like an ad for american apparel :D My watch naman is hello kitty which lights up when presses.

little tea cup said...

great fun shots.

and i love the whole look.

did you just get your bangs?


agus said...

Great pictures! I like your watch - it is so funny :-)

Mads said...

Very nice pics!! the white background is so stark it's so nice..=) Yey for B club shoes, they look expensive no?=)


muchlove said...

Cool lego watch!

yves said...

sucha KIDULT watchpiece noelle!
where you got??

i'm pretty envious of ur stark background pics! SLRs make a diff tlaga. d na ako kakain for 5mos for cam! hehe


HoneyBunny said...

Wow, even your indoors photos are stunning! Love the outfit as well, everything is perfect together, those necklaces are to die for<333

And that lego watch..omg...it;s a winner:DDD

Love your hair as well:)

MAGDArling said...

gorgepus pictures and i love ur shorts a lot;)))

The Clothes Horse said...

Lovin' the shots. The heels and watch are quite cool.

ann said...

that's a great watch :D

Esme said...

Ahhh. I love all the shots! Yay! You're posting more outfit pics. ;;)
I love the all the Lego watches. :> And I love your white bg.

I'm going to have my slr by the end of the year. My camera sucks. =))

proudly says, said...

i love all of the shots!
just wondering how did you make that white background.
i love that yellow necklace..
...and such a cute lego watch!

stilettostetico said...

Oooooh Your little Lego Friend can really be Happy in such an enviable posture !!!
ps: I really like the way you play with you hair to create a mischievous halo of mystery . . . of course with your usual Freshness !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

teeyah. said...

*envy* drools on the watch and the cam. Oh and the outfit, too :D

AJ said...

Noelle, the shots remind me of pictures from the urban outfitters website. Like you're modeling the clothes or something:)

Loving the lego watch! Cute touch!


Winnie said...

Wow these shots are really great, so sharp.

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Cute photos! I WANT THAT CAMERA! ;-) I am so jealous. ;-(

Can't wait to see more pics taken with the fancy camera. ;-)

xoxo, sHelly

Robin said...

Oh, wonderful.
And I adore the watch.


Eden said...

i love everything, N! love the cutoffs, the tanga as top, and that impossibly adorable watch. love it.. plus.. the boyf is quite a good lensman! that camera is killer.:)

much love


Denise said...

cool fun photos! oh i love the lego watch, and i have a spongebob watch here. can you believe that?

Jei said...

Awesome test shoots. You're gorgeous, love <3.

xoxoxxx, Jei

MAGDArling said...

i gave u cute bloggers award on my blog;)))

Rianna Bethany said...

That watch is awesome and i love the very crisp photos that camera produces,
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxx

Rebecca Rose said...

Hiiiii beautiful :).. Can we exchange links? Thanks.

>>> Becca

Song of Style said...

awesome pictures. really nice test shots!

Raquel said...

great figure! you look really nice!
and I'm so jealous too of that camera!!


The shots are amazing! He is a great!!!

Also love the camera! Is it a Canon Rebel? I can't identify :)

grace said...

dude tell me where and how you shoot!!! i use a 5D and yours look amazing..

defiiinitely adding you to the blog roll!

May Kasahara said...

island style.
makes me miss the islands

Wendy said...

those heels were DIYed?? :o btw, the lego watch is cute!


Joelyne said...

AWESOME photos! i have a canon 450D - similar to that one. and i LOOOOVE IT!

love the legs shot!


Demi said...

finally replying to you - thank you for your lovely comment honey!

wow, amazing photos, at first look I thought it was an advertisement for American Apparel or something! your watch is amazinggg!! xo

Andie said...

woah! intense man!
you always have awesome shots!

cd said...

Thanks Noelle! Love your blog! Added you to my links list! =)

Kat said...

i like the first pic :)

thischicksgotstyle said...

What a great outfit!!
I think you're gorgeous and your blog is lovely!!


Mads said...

Hi Noelle I tagged you in my last post.. Hope you can answer them..=)

agnes said...

awwww.. how cute that is. I am definitely a fan of all the Legos little man :)

agnes xxx

jC (polka dot) said...

So both you AND your boyfriend are photographers I take it? Your shots are beautiful, but also hats off to him for taking such great shots of you! I love the one of you running in a field.

You ARE lucky. I used to try self-timer shots - in film - which is much harder, all because my own boyf (now, husband) has no interest in photography. Yet! : )

May I ask what model that is? I shoot in film (& scan it in) but am considering going digital, altho I hate to give up shooting with my dad's Pentax, it's such a wonderful experience. But it would be so nice not to have to roam London trying to find a place that sells film!

Anonymous said...

You look fab! Love these photos and your hair! I think I just got the same camera.. bday gift from the 'rents. :)

xo, Becs

Protege said...

Pretty pictures of a gorgeous girl.;)
The camera looks so cool.;)
Did you know that I live in the land of Lego?;))

Marian said...

how fun is that lego watch honey?! love these images, looking great in shorts.
muah x

Marcella said...

I'm so excited for you Noelle! The 50D is a mint camera, what lens did your boyfriend get with it?

Your photos look very American Apparel style, you look gorgeous and sexy!

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

absolutely loving the quality of these photos, gorgeous shoes too! xx

LACY said...

WOW this is a gorgeous post and you look simply stunning!! :)