Vi Sand Sky Dubai

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One of the happiest days of my life. Visited my sister Vi in Dubai. Desert Safari and touring around
beautiful Dubai is truly unforgettable.

More surprising photos soon!

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Chantal's thrifted jumpsuit, thrifted lace top, DIY fur hat, Charles and Keith flats, Versace shades,
Mom's necklace, assorted bangles, gold Tag Heuer watch

Vianca's H&M jumpsuit, Topshop sandals, H&M hat, some old cardigan, Aldo shades, pearl necklace,
assorted bangles


elena-lu said...

these are inspirational and just plain gorgeous photos!!! you ladies are beautiful

Cheryl said...

Awesome view and photography! Loving the photos and the outfits. Can't wait to see more of your photos soon. :)

jC Dot said...

Wow, what fabulous photos! Looks like the most amazing experience. And here I was, expecting turquoise water : )
Just tagged you for an award. It's 2nd down on my blog:

jC Dot said...

Wow, what fabulous photos! Looks like the most amazing experience. And here I was, expecting turquoise water : )
Just tagged you for an award. It's 2nd down on my blog:

stilettostetico said...

Aaaaaah the "Noelle Chantal-esque" cocktail mischievous presence / captivating landscapes full of supreme Majesty (Pffff these terrestrial curves truly are Breathtaking) will never fail to mesmerize me Dear . . .
ps: Frankly glad to see some new pictures of you, it always sounds as such a sparkling delight !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Rebecca Rose said...

Lovely photos and outfit.

>>> Becca

The July Girl said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like so much fun, but isn't the weather too humid to go to the desert haha? I can't wait to go to Dubai again...
I love your blog btw!

cherie said...

lovely, lovely pictures! you two look great :D

Denise said...

hey kaya naman pala missing ka. well this is a good comeback blog.

you are sooooooo cute! i love the outfit! and your sis is just gorgeous!

Eden said...

wow noelle. from the PI to dubai, you always rock the most fantastic sceneries! i am so jealous of your travels... sigh! but all the best and much love there!



Joelyne said...

hey beautiful! omg! those photos in the desert!!! absolutely amazing! how you could manage to still look incredible in the desert is beyond me!

it seems like you had an amazing time in dubai! you visited your sis? how nice! you must miss her not living nearby.

you both look great!

i also love your DIY fur hat! how did you make that! it is totally gorgeous! id LOVE to have one. especially in this cold weather here in sydney.

thank you so very much for your wonderful comment on my blog. you made my day!



Joelyne said...

p.s. lets swap links! x

little tea cup said...

my my you're back.

you've been gone too long for your followers.

im glad you're back.

looks like you had a LOT of fun in Dubai.

cant wait for your other photos.

ps. thanks about my hair

janettaylor said...


I die for these photos...Awesome... :)


Protege said...

Stunning, these pictures could have been taken by a professional for a magazine. I am very impressed.;))
You and your sister look so alike, both gorgeous.;))

Anonymous said...

these photos are so beautiful your sister took them right? Really talented :)
lots of love,
nicky x

Mads said...

Yey new post from you!! beautiful pics!!! my favorite pic is the 3rd very Steven Meisel with the juming shot!=) your outfits are fab as usual..=) excited for your upcoming pics..


agus said...

Amazing pictures!!!! I love them all very much :-)

muchlove said...

Wow, this is such a contrast to your usual beach photos, but equally as stunning! When I think of Dubai, I think of their massive buildings - which I personally find rather cold and uninteresting. These picture, however, shows the natural beauty of the place.

Love the jumpsuit, btw :)

Sayraah said...

Hi Noelle! Your photos are inspirational and the poses are oh so adorable! you make me want to visit every inch of the Phils and the world! lol!

i was supposed to go to Anawangin this Summer, but went to Ilocos instead. I hope to finally go to Zambales within the year. isnt it just dreamy??

much love,
sarah of http://sarahwearscolor.blogspot.com

MAGDArling said...

gorgeous place, gorgeous ladies and gorgeous jumpsuits;D love it<3

proudly says, said...

pictures are soo gorgeous!
the sand dune is so beautiful.
i always like your pictures and outfits
you wear on your blog.

The Clothes Horse said...

AMAZING pictures! The white outfit is sooo cool too--though I would be terrified of getting it dirty.

Noelle Chantal said...


yes, its my sister Vianca who took my photos. she's really talented and creative. i learned a lot from her about photography. :)


you should visit Anawangin and all the Zambales Islands! that place is a DREAM!! thanks for liking my blog. keep coming back! :)

Anna Baltazar said...

Chantal!!! I lav et. Looking forward on our pics in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh my noelle, that jumping shot...WINNER!


Demi said...

thank you for your lovely comment, honey!
WOW! amazing photos, I actually did think they were out of a magazine! soooo beautiful! :)

Dane said...

Amazing photos, love! My favorite is the third one.. it looks like something straight out of a magazine. Stunning!


Song of Style said...

the desert looks amazing... dubai must have been fun..
lucky you!

champagne dreams and strawberry surprise said...

I love your sister's jump suit!!!

Great landscape!

sexyinthecity said...

Fabulous pics!!!
the location is amazing!


Raquel said...

oh my god! what amazing pictures, it looks like you had so much fun in Dubai! plus love yours and your sister's outfit!

thanks for your support! my defense was great, I'm glad it's over now!

ViancaSoleil said...

come back with EJ in october and let's chase the sun once more !!! it's only u im inspired to shoot with. my camera is now resting....

i miss you dear sister !

love and kisses,

Vianca Soleil :)

HoneyBunny said...

OMG! WOW - that's my first thought when I see your photos! They're the most beautiful pics and places I've seen<3 Moreover, you look so stylish! Total beauty:)

Rianna Bethany said...

absolutely beautiful images, what an awesome setting! I've always wanted to go to dubai. Heard it is great for shopping.
Thank you very much for your lovely comment. It was so nice to read! It's people like you that makes blogging so worthit!
Thank you very much again!!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxx

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Wow! What fabulous photos! You look great! It looks like lots of fun!! ;-)

Glad your back!

xoxo, Shelly

kimvee said...

WOW! Awesome outfits & those sand dunes are amazing! What was the weather like?

katherinelou said...

looks amazing there!
and i wanted that jumpsuit from h&m ... i must get it soon!

Kimmy said...

Noelle, your posts are always very inspiring and substantial. Dubai desert looks incredible! You always got the most wonderful landscapes. Your photos with your sister looks AMAZING!!! And I like how you two matched outfits. Loving the white thrifted jumpsuit and fur hat as well.

Beautiful blog and outfit as usual!!


Joelyne said...

when are we gonna c more of your photos?!!!



wow! Those pictures are so amazing! So great place and nice eye to see it!


I wanna more posts there!!!
Dubai must be so cool!

Esme said...

My jaw dropped.
Go to my 'messy hair loves' page. i wrote something about your blog (and then again, hahaha.)

And the jumper's amazing!

Style and beyond said...

amaaazing pictures!!!:)

thanks for stopping by -- wanna exchange links? :)


Fashion Is Poison said...

wooow love your pics!

Marcella said...

Wow these photos are surreal! How remote was this desert?it looks like you were miles away from civilisation! In fact, it looks like a hard out photoshoot for a magazine. Your style is so unique, pairing the fur hat with a summery outfit is such a nice surprise! Can't wait to see more!

Take care xx

Andie said...

wow these are marvelous! the third pic is probably my fave of all faves

Aysia said...

seriously, i think your pictures are some of the best of this whole blogosphere! :]

martine said...

these photos are so beautiful. totally jelly!

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